Details about the expected models (Z6, Z7) and the lens lineup

As reported, two bodies should be announced. Those may be:

  • Z6 with 24MP and focus on low light and high speed photography (mix of the A7 and A7s line)
  • Z7 with 46MP and focus on it’s high resolution (kind of the A7R line)

There should be three lenses at the start:

  • 24-70mm f/4
  • 50mm f/1.8
  • 24mm or 28mm f/1.8

While those apertures do not sound thst awesome we do see it as a hint that an IBIS will be part of the new cameras. The depth of field at f/1.8 is already quite small, but 1.8 allows lighter and cheaper models.

  • We guess that Nikon will focus on high end prime lenses.
  • There should also be a NOCT lens: A new 58mm f/0.95! This will not be available at the start and may will also cost a lot of money.

Details from the new Teaser

Here some details from the new teaser:

The grip

  • The grip is huge for a mirrorless, good news so far.
  • We can also see that there is a wheel in front (similar as it was in many DSLRs like the D750). 
  • There are many buttons placed on the grip. This could allow better access to some important functions (moved from the back to the grip top)

The material

Do you see this material? It looks even handier than what we had on some DSLRs. This will, compared to other mirrorless systems, allow a more secure feeling as it doesn’t feel slippery.


Size estimations

We already had two size estimations (Nr 1 and Nr 2). Here follows Nr 3: 

All estimations based on the hot shoe.

  • EVF-Overlap behind the body               18mm
  • Grip-Length                                                    39mm
  • Body with grip length                                 77mm
  • Total length with the lens                      158mm


New teaser found showing the grip

We found a new teaser which shows the nice and huge grip.

Not only does the grip seem to be great for bigger hands, it could also allow the usage of existing DSLR batteries. Of course this is only a rumor, but it would be a great one and simplify the change as well as a it would ensure a good battery time.

Also we see that the Swoosh we know from Nikon is still there.
The red element was introduced as a design element by Giorgetto Giugiaro in the Nikon F3 in 1980. So yes, it is a Nikon and they are not just selling Sony cameras 😉

What to expect

Nikon wrote on their website:


Countless rays of light come together, forming an image at the end of their long journey. Nikon’s ongoing mission heading into the future: to guide light into forming superb pictures.

As always when a company announces something like this, there are rumors, there are fanboys and of course the guys of a competitor flowing through the internet.

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