How good is the IBIS (in body image stabilization) of the Nikon Z6 with adapted lenses?

One of the big advantages of the Nikon Fullframe Mirrorless lineup (Z6 & Z7) is the in-body-stabilization (IBIS) which even stabilizes your old Nikon F-Mount lenses.

After getting my Z6 I did a quick comparison and I do want to show you an example.

The following image was taken with the Nikon Z6 + FTZ + Nikon 20mm f/1.8G at Zurich main station: (1/20sec; ISO 1600 f/1.8)

And then the same scenery with ISO 100 and f/2 (which did lead to 1 second exposure time:

On the display it did look really well. So lets zoom in:

Now guess which one is the 1/20th and which is the 1 second image?
The first one is the 1 second image. The second one looks a bit grainy if you look at the “AK23.4” on the white box. Guess this is due to the ISO 1600 I used.

If you have at the text on the black chest, you can read the letters “Streugut” (grit) quite well on the 1 second image. Isn’t that impressive?
For your notice: It was around 2° Celsius at the time of the image, so not the best weather for a stable hand. Still the Nikon Z6 did manage it very well 🙂