Details from the new Teaser

Here some details from the new teaser:

The grip

  • The grip is huge for a mirrorless, good news so far.
  • We can also see that there is a wheel in front (similar as it was in many DSLRs like the D750). 
  • There are many buttons placed on the grip. This could allow better access to some important functions (moved from the back to the grip top)

The material

Do you see this material? It looks even handier than what we had on some DSLRs. This will, compared to other mirrorless systems, allow a more secure feeling as it doesn’t feel slippery.


Size estimations

We already had two size estimations (Nr 1 and Nr 2). Here follows Nr 3: 

All estimations based on the hot shoe.

  • EVF-Overlap behind the body               18mm
  • Grip-Length                                                    39mm
  • Body with grip length                                 77mm
  • Total length with the lens                      158mm