Size estimations (Part II)

After some first size estimations and comparisons we made yesterday (see Size comparison) we now have an new image.

So lets get to the new estimations.

New size estimation

We again work with the hot shoe for the flash as a base measurement: (where we hope it is the standard hot shoe of 21*16mm).

Based on this we can make the following estimations:

  • Body depth including EVF and Grip:     81mm
  • EVF overlap behind the body:                  18mm
  • Grip length from the body:                        29mm
  • Length of the lens:                                      101mm


  • The grip of a D750 comes to around 3cm. So this one seems to be slightly shorter. But as the whole camera is smaller, it looks bigger than it is. I guess this will be the perfect mixture: Smaller camera with the same comfortable grip. As the grip is one of the big disadvantages of the Sony A7 models, Nikon seems to learn from the faults Sony made.
  • The lens is most probably the 24-70mm (f/2.8 or f/4). The current NIKKOR 24-70 mm 1:2,8E ED VR  has a length of 154,5 mm and therefore the new one is only 2/3 of the length. (could be due to the new flange distance or that it is a f/4)


UPDATE: See last chapter in Details from the new Teaser

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