Size comparison

There are some first size-estimations based on the images we saw.

In one picture we see the hot shoe for the flash (which usually is 21mm wide on Nikon DSLR’s). So lets do some estimations based on this:

  • If we compare this to the height of the bump for the EVF we come to about 23mm.
  • The lens we saw in the image is visible for about a quarter of it. This would lead to a lens diameter of 82-85mm.
  • Total height of the camera with the lens shown would be 110mm (= 11 cm)

Other sites did some estimations:

  • Lens mount diameter of 65mm (not sure if the outer- or inner-side of the lens mount)
  • Total height of the body itself would be 93mm.

If we have a look at the Sony A7 and the Nikon D750 we get a body which is just a little less height than the Sony A7 and around 2cm less than a D750.


In the current teaser we did not have a very good sight at the depth and width of the body, therefore an estimation for those measurements would be a “rule-of-thumb estimate”. But we assume a wide of around the same as the A7 with slightly more depth as the new grip will be larger and more ergonomically than the one on the Sony FF mirrorless cameras.

Sidenote: The A7R III is 2mm higher than the original A7 (so 96mm).



We now have some new size estimations here.

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