What to expect

Nikon wrote on their website:


Countless rays of light come together, forming an image at the end of their long journey. Nikon’s ongoing mission heading into the future: to guide light into forming superb pictures.

As always when a company announces something like this, there are rumors, there are fanboys and of course the guys of a competitor flowing through the internet.

And, also as always, all of them have some truth on their side.

As you’ve seen we’ve already saw some first pictures, have the official teaser and an announcement date (23. August 2018). If you didn’t see it  have a quick look on our previous posts.

But what are the main rumors? Here a list :


  • We can expect two different mirrorless camera bodies. Both will most probably be full frame (some even hope for medium format). One of them will be around 24-26 MP while the other should offer 45-48 MP.
  • 5 Axis in body stabilisation should finally arrive in a Nikon Body (not yet sure if it applies to both models, but we hope so)
  • Also we will finally have an electronic viewfinder (EVF)
  • Many more AF tracking points as in the DSLRs (around 400-450)
  • Body will be of a similar size as a Sony A7 model (as seen in the pictures)
  • But a better grip is expected (big handed guys can be happy!)
  • This should also allow bigger batteries as in the A7 (I and II) editions. But you shoulf still expect a worse battery life compared to the DSLRs (EVF)
  • There will be a tiltable rear LCD screen as known from the D750 and D850 and most probably a second LCD on top of the camera this you may have seen on a Hasselbad.
  • As memory cards we expect a XQD and/or a CF Express slot. (any combination of them)

Lens (mount)

  • They will use a new lens mount (Z?) with just 16 millimeter flange focal distance.
  • All old Nikon lenses should still be usable due to a very sophisticated lens adapter. This should help Nikon to indirectly offer a big lens park at the beginning without announcing dozens of lenses for the new mount.
  • Their should be three lenses available at start (or shortly after) for the new mount: 24-70mm f/4, 50mm (guess f/1.4) and 35mm (maybe only 1.8)
  • The 24-70mm may have a power zoom which is nice for video but could be a bad thing for photography.
  • Nikon has the top priority on developing many new lenses for the Z-Mount.
  • The new lens mount should allow a f/0.95 lenses. (Probably a NOCT one.) NikonRumors wrote about patentd and trademarks for this.

Price range

And at the end, what will all of this cost? Hard guess:

  • 45-48MP Body with a Lens around 4000 € / 4700 US$
  • 45-48MP Body only around 2700 € / 3200 $
  • 24-26MP Body with a lens around 2500 € / 2900 US$
  • 24-26MP Body only could be 1900€ / 2250 US$

Those prices are not very sure. Especially the difference between the Body and lens combos show such a large difference  that we may have different lenses in those kits.

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