The new Nikon mirrorless teaser is all about the body

The new Nikon mirrorless camera teaser is all about the body.

The video shows many different Nikon cameras and always lets you thinkĀ  that you just saw the new mirrorless camera. But as far as we’ve seen, only the very first frame did show us the mirrorless:

The rest should just tell you thst they’ve used all their experience to create the new body.

Other appearances we did spot:

  • 0:12 Nikon F2 with DE1 most likely
  • 0:17 Nikon F2 with DP-1/2
  • 0:18 Nikon D5
  • 0:20 Nikon F
  • 0:22 Nikon F3
  • 0:24 Nikon F5

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