The new teaser is about the lens (NOCT and Kit lens; updated)

The new Nikon Teaser is about the lens:

Same as the last teaser we saw, it does not really offer a lot of new insight.

But it confirms what we previously reported: There will be a new NOCT lens. At least this seems to be the only reason why they show the old  58mm f/1.2 Noct-Nikkor in the teaser.



  • After some tweaking on the image of the new lens, you can see the description of the new kit lens: Z 24-70mm 1:4 S /72
  • So it definitly is a f/4 lens with 24-70mm. 72 will be the filter diameter and S maybe stands for the stepmotor
  • Nikon also added a new image on some Instagram stories:

New Nikon mirrorless teaser incoming

In around 9 hours (6 o’clock CET) we will see the next Nikon mirrorless camera teaser on

Possible things to see are the screen(s), the grip/ergonomics, the sensor, the adapterffor Nikon F lensed and the EVF.

As the sensor and the EVF are mainly specifications to hide as long as possible, my best bet is ror the grip/ergonomics, second place the screen(s)

Lets see whats comming!


Nikon mirrorless teaser video (Brightened version)

Today Nikon released the first Teaser about their (what we expect) mirrorless camera.

Their website for it can be found on

Their slogan: “TRAVEL OF LIGHT” as well as a very dark video do give a hint, that we can expect exceptional low light capabilities. 

Roger Johanson extracted the  most interesting part of the video, slowed it down and brightened it up:

As you can see the new camera looks a bit like a Sony A7 series but with a bigger lens mount and a bigger grip. This may will be a big advantage compared to the various mirrorless cameras available, as those are often equipped with a to small grip for bigger hands.

Based on past Nikon announcements we’d expect the next Teaser in around 2-3 days.

More Infos will follow.