What to expect

Nikon wrote on their website:


Countless rays of light come together, forming an image at the end of their long journey. Nikon’s ongoing mission heading into the future: to guide light into forming superb pictures.

As always when a company announces something like this, there are rumors, there are fanboys and of course the guys of a competitor flowing through the internet.

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Nikon mirrorless teaser video (Brightened version)

Today Nikon released the first Teaser about their (what we expect) mirrorless camera.

Their website for it can be found on https://events.imaging.nikon.com/live/en/

Their slogan: “TRAVEL OF LIGHT” as well as a very dark video do give a hint, that we can expect exceptional low light capabilities. 

Roger Johanson extracted the  most interesting part of the video, slowed it down and brightened it up:

As you can see the new camera looks a bit like a Sony A7 series but with a bigger lens mount and a bigger grip. This may will be a big advantage compared to the various mirrorless cameras available, as those are often equipped with a to small grip for bigger hands.

Based on past Nikon announcements we’d expect the next Teaser in around 2-3 days.

More Infos will follow.