Nikin mirrorless minimum requirements

Well, we hear and see more from Nikon’s new mirrorless camera every now and then.

In 12 days we will see the official announcement. Time to think for yourself: What do I want/need from the new mirrorless camera?

Doing a checklist for yourself will help you to avoid getting into the GAS-trap.

So here an example of my minimum requirements. If the camera does not fulfill this and doesn’t offer an equivalent replacement, I will not buy the new camera.

My minimal requirements list:

  • Dual card slots
  • >= 24MP
  • Great grip (current images look good)
  • BSI sensor (back side illuminated)
  • 5-axis image stabilisation which provides at least 4 additional stops
  • Nikon F adapter supporting VR and AF. AF speed with the adapter should not be less than 70% of the normal speed of the lens.
  • >400 AF points covering >80% of the sensor area
  • 1080p video with better AF than in the DSLRs
  • Body lighter than 800gr
  • Battery allowing > 600 Shots
  • Tilt screen
  • Touchscreen for AF selection
  • Focus peaking for manual focus

And then I have a wishlist for things I want, but do not see as a minimum. Some of those things are from the list above, but with higher values:

  • AF speed >95% of the performance I had on the D750
  • 36MP
  • 4k video with much better AF than in the DSLRs
  • Lens Roadmap for the new mount
  • Body lighter than 700gr

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