New teaser out now and more

We are now in the final week of the announcement of the new Z6 and Z7.

And to start this, Nikon uploaded “The Photographers’Impresions” teaser.

After nearly no new information in the last teasers, we get some more today!

Award winning Marcel van Oosten (Nature photographer):

It feels just like a DSLR but physically it is totally different, because it is so lightweight.

I can still use all my F-mount lenses on this new camera

Vivien Liu (Urban Architect & Photographer)

Shooting becomes very addictive, because of the results.

We saw some elements in the video which we show here again:


Well, EVF as it should be.


F-Mount lens (and the invisible adapter, which seems to be quite small!)


Definitly a huge touch-screen. But the arrows below the image somehow let me think, that it is not enabled for gestures, but only for tap/press.

But there is more

We saw the following statement on Nikon Rumors:

“Just spoken to a franchise director at LCE, apparently Thursday will be a very exciting day indeed. The adapter for the new mirrorless camera will pretty much be free when bought with either model, and the adaptor will make upto 400 lenses compatible so that’ll make all lenses with either electronic or mechanical apertures compatible. The sensor will be better than the D850 owing to how they’ve constructed the diodes and the way it’s capturing more light, and the new range of lenses will have fresnel elements to give an ‘effective’ larger aperture (so I was told a 1.8 will be marketed as 1.8 but behaves like a 1.4, and be tiny) much like their new 300mm that shrunk
Pre orders coming Thursday to ship mid November

So there are some awesome parts (if they really are correct):

  • Adapter nearly for free (would be nice, but I somehow do not trust this, as we then would have less reasons to buy newer lenses OR that it is so bad that we still buy newer ones)
  • All electronic and mechanical apertures lenses compatibble
  • Sensor better than the D850 (or nearly impossible, but if it is on par it is already awesome)
  • Fresnel elements (as we know from the awesome Nikon 300mm PF) allow smaller and more lightweight lenses. Normally they are only used for teles. So the combination of the sentences above is a bit irritating, as it is about 1.8 lenses and fresnel elements (Or is there a 200/300mm lense 1.8 PF planned? :D)
  • Pre orders start on thursday (no infos yet which shops do take them)

And the “bad” news in it:

  • Ship mid November


Lens/adapter notes

  • We do see the following lenses with the start: 24-70mm f/4, 50mm f/1.8  and 35mm f/1.8.
  • Adapter should be available at start

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