How to open RAW files of the Nikon Z6 / Z7 – Adobe DNG Converter

Did you wonder on how to open RAW-Files of the Nikon Z6 (and Z7)?

Current versions of Luminar, Lightroom, Photoshop do not yet support the Nikon Z6.
But now Adobe did announce the DNG Converter Beta 11.1 which does support the Nikon Z6 in a first version.

With that tool you are able to convert the NEF-File to a DNG-File which is then supported by Lightroom/Photoshop/Luminar. The DNG Files do support nearly all features you would have with the real RAW-Integration.

The BETA-Version is available on:

How good is the IBIS (in body image stabilization) of the Nikon Z6 with adapted lenses?

One of the big advantages of the Nikon Fullframe Mirrorless lineup (Z6 & Z7) is the in-body-stabilization (IBIS) which even stabilizes your old Nikon F-Mount lenses.

After getting my Z6 I did a quick comparison and I do want to show you an example.

The following image was taken with the Nikon Z6 + FTZ + Nikon 20mm f/1.8G at Zurich main station: (1/20sec; ISO 1600 f/1.8)

And then the same scenery with ISO 100 and f/2 (which did lead to 1 second exposure time:

On the display it did look really well. So lets zoom in:

Now guess which one is the 1/20th and which is the 1 second image?
The first one is the 1 second image. The second one looks a bit grainy if you look at the “AK23.4” on the white box. Guess this is due to the ISO 1600 I used.

If you have at the text on the black chest, you can read the letters “Streugut” (grit) quite well on the 1 second image. Isn’t that impressive?
For your notice: It was around 2° Celsius at the time of the image, so not the best weather for a stable hand. Still the Nikon Z6 did manage it very well 🙂

Nikon Switzerland news for Nikon Z6 (Roll out date and free XQD card)

Nikon Switzerland customer service confirmed some rumors:

  1. They have received the manuals of the Z6 which means that the roll out of the Nikon Z6 will start during the next 6-7 days.
  2. The first roll out batch in Switzerland will contain an 32 GB XQD card (at least for the set of the Z6 + FTZ + 24-70mm) This compared to the 64 GB card they included with the Z7.

Some retailers like Interdiscount are currently on the save site with the roll out date of the 23. November.

Compared to Switzerland the US seems to be ahead, for example with their estimation for the 16. November as release-date (see