The new teaser is about the lens (NOCT and Kit lens; updated)

The new Nikon Teaser is about the lens:

Same as the last teaser we saw, it does not really offer a lot of new insight.

But it confirms what we previously reported: There will be a new NOCT lens. At least this seems to be the only reason why they show the old  58mm f/1.2 Noct-Nikkor in the teaser.



  • After some tweaking on the image of the new lens, you can see the description of the new kit lens: Z 24-70mm 1:4 S /72
  • So it definitly is a f/4 lens with 24-70mm. 72 will be the filter diameter and S maybe stands for the stepmotor
  • Nikon also added a new image on some Instagram stories:

Possible D760 announcement before Photokina

Some guys in Germany received an invitation from Nikon GmbH for the evening before Photokina:

The invitation text in English:

We exclusively invite you to an unforgetable evening in the Chocolate museum of Cologne. Discover up close, how japanese precision and chocolate-art merge into surprising taste and inspiring artworks.

Get to know the new member of the Nikon-family on the evening before photokina and experience the new dimension of optical performance. Discover creative presentations and pleasurable moments together with us.

Chocolate museum of Cologne
15.09.2018 from 7 PM

Please fill out the enclosed registration form until 31.08.2018 an send it per mail or fax.
We’re looking forward for a fantastic evening with you.

Lukas Jufer, President Nikon GmbH

Cover seems to show a Nikon DSLR. Is there a second camera announced during Photokina? Maybe a D760? (replacing the D750) 

Details about the expected models (Z6, Z7) and the lens lineup

As reported, two bodies should be announced. Those may be:

  • Z6 with 24MP and focus on low light and high speed photography (mix of the A7 and A7s line)
  • Z7 with 46MP and focus on it’s high resolution (kind of the A7R line)

There should be three lenses at the start:

  • 24-70mm f/4
  • 50mm f/1.8
  • 24mm or 28mm f/1.8

While those apertures do not sound thst awesome we do see it as a hint that an IBIS will be part of the new cameras. The depth of field at f/1.8 is already quite small, but 1.8 allows lighter and cheaper models.

  • We guess that Nikon will focus on high end prime lenses.
  • There should also be a NOCT lens: A new 58mm f/0.95! This will not be available at the start and may will also cost a lot of money.

New Nikon mirrorless teaser incoming

In around 9 hours (6 o’clock CET) we will see the next Nikon mirrorless camera teaser on

Possible things to see are the screen(s), the grip/ergonomics, the sensor, the adapterffor Nikon F lensed and the EVF.

As the sensor and the EVF are mainly specifications to hide as long as possible, my best bet is ror the grip/ergonomics, second place the screen(s)

Lets see whats comming!